Kristin Oppold

Kristin OppoldKristin Oppold has been making jewelry for more than 10 years. She calls her style Earthy Urban Chic with a Modern Bohemian or Tribal Flair.  She started her once hobby for fun and for free until friends told friends which lead to YaY! Jewelry.  It is named after saying YaY! , I get to make jewelry today when her kids went back to school after a long summer break.  Her style is highly recognizable and has graced the cover of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine along with securing the designer collection.  She has also been featured in Stringing and Bead Trends Magazine. Kristin’s jewelry has been seen on TV.  One of Kristin’s necklaces graced actresses Claire Holts neck who plays Rebekah in The Vampire Diaries Season 4.  Kristin states she will be making jewelry her lifetime, she loves it that much.  As long as I stay open to this ever evolving art and my hands and body are able I will be making jewelry.

You can see and purchase some of Kristin’s designs through Etsy or you can follow Kristin through Facebook blogspot Instagram or Flickr.