How To Order


Ordering chain is not as complicated as some people might think, even with the large amount of choices you have. Just follow the 5 steps below.

Choose the style and quantity of chain you would like.

Pick the material you would like it to be made from.

Decide if you would like continuous footage, cut or assembled chain
– If choosing continuous footage decide if you would like it spooled or hanked
– If choosing assembled decide on length and what type of closure you would like

– If choosing plated specify the finish, being sure to note if there are any special requirements, such as nickel-free.

Pat yourself on the back; you just placed your first chain order!

We also offer a variety of ways to submit your order. For those of you that were born before 1901, you can mail it in, for the rest of you we accept both faxed and emailed orders. Or better yet give us a call we’d love to hear from you and enjoy helping you with your order.