Wholesale Gold Filled Chains

Gold Filled was first developed back in 1817 by Josh Turner using the "old Sheffield" process founded by Thomas Bolsover, which consists of bonding two metals using heat and pressure. Gold filled round wire used in jewelry making is made by first inserting a core of supporting metal into a karat gold cylinder and then fusing them together into a single round rod. The round rod is drawn repeatedly through powerful wire reducing mills. Thus the rod is manufactured into a long wire. The final finishing process consists of drawing the wire through accurately cut diamond dies which reduces it to a desired diameter.

There are different grades of gold filled available, but at Garlan we only use the highest grade, which consist of a 14 karat gold shell.  This higher grade of gold filled gives you a much nicer, richer gold color and tone than the other grades. We also offer a wide selection of gold filled findings that can be found here.

Since 1967 Garlan has been one of the leading manufacturers of gold filled jewelry chains sold wholesale in bulk by the foot or assembled to your specifications. Gold filled chains are one of the most popular materials that we offer. Almost all of the items we manufacture in gold filled can also be done in sterling silver.

14/20 Gold Filled Fun Facts!

  • 14/20 Gold Filled contains 5% 14 karat gold, which equals 2.92% solid gold (14 karat ÷ 24 karat x 5% = .0292)
  • Most of the wire we use consists of three layers, an inner solder core, base metal, 14 karat gold outer layer.
  • Gold filled is also be referred to as "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate".
  • 14/20 Gold filled will be marked with a stamp denoting what it is. Two of the most popular are  "14/20 GF" or the ".0292" marking. The 14/20 GF refers to the fact that it is 1/20th (5%) 14 karat gold. The .0292 refers to the amount of pure gold contained.