Wholesale Sterling Silver Chains

Silver jewelry chains have a long history as one of the first materials used by jewelers for making chains for necklaces, bracelets and other assorted jewelry items.  Sterling silver is made using 92.5% (.925) pure silver and 7.5% base metal. This is done because pure silver is too soft to be used as is.

Since 1967 Garlan has been one of the leading manufacturers of sterling silver jewelry chains and findings sold wholesale in bulk by the foot or assembled to your specifications. Sterling silver chains are one of the most popular materials that we offer. Almost all of the items we manufacture in sterling silver can also be done in gold filled.

Sterling Silver Fun Facts!

  • Silver was one of the first 5 metals discovered on the planet.
  • Silver is incredibly conductive. Even more conductive than copper.
  • Silver has long been used for medicinal purposes due to its antibacterial properties.
  • Polished silver is 95% reflective.
  • Interestingly, silver is one of the words in the English language that has no other words that rhyme with it.
  • Sterling silver has a density of 10.3 g/cm3.