Permanent Jewelry

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry has been around for some time, but has gained recent popularity through platforms like TikTok. Permanent jewelry is when a chain is attached “permanently” by welding either the chain itself or a connecting link as opposed to using some sort of a closure, like a spring ring or lobster claw, which allow for removal of the piece.

This type of jewelry is typically used on necklaces, bracelets and anklets, but is most commonly used on bracelets. Gold filled and sterling silver chains make a great choice for permanent jewelry with the edge going to gold filled because it will not tarnish as quickly as sterling.

What happens if you decide you want to remove it?Permanent Jewelry

Maybe you’d like to switch to a different style or need to have the chain removed for some other reason. While the name suggests that it is permanent, the truth is most chains can be removed with just a pair of scissors. And in most cases if you keep your chain, it’s possible to have it re-attached.

Choosing a chain

Some of the chains that we think work really well for this type of jewelry are bar chains like the B-140 (shown here) BD-95, drawn cable chains like the 20DF and 25DF, and figaro chains like the F-15 1/3 and F-25 1/3, but really you can use any chain that suits your style.

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